Breakfast Dates

Photo Mar 12-2

Chris and I both work outside of the home. I have had my fair share of mental breakdowns about this, but 5 days a week I have to suck it up, put my big girl pants on, kiss my baby goodbye, and go to work.

We both teach, and then Chris coaches. The days are long and devoted to lots of children who aren’t our own. I don’t know if any other moms feel like this during the work week, but I literally feel like some days I come home and barely have any energy left for Isaiah. I start counting down the minutes until his bedtime routine starts, and I hate feeling that way!

I am a big fan of mindset shifts, but I’ve learned that it’s hard to just be happy and positive about things that are constantly feeling harder. You have to put strategies and routines in place to maintain that positivity. So we decided to maximize our family’s time together to carry us through the long work weeks.

One thing we do to cope is we make a ritual of going to breakfast as a family whenever we can on the weekends. If we can manage both Saturday and Sunday, we do it! We sometimes are adventurous and try new places, but literally, even Waffle House can count. So, I am eating a lot more bacon these days, but it is a super fun way to unwind with my little family before we start the hectic weekend rituals of trying to catch up on laundry/cleaning/errands that couldn’t get done during the week.

It’s the best. Go out to breakfast this weekend, friends. Let someone else brew the coffee for you. Sit by a big window. Eat the bacon. And look at your cute babies.

Photo Mar 12


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