Isaiah’s Birthday Party! 

This past Saturday was Isaiah’s first birthday party! The weather was beautiful, and we were able to let the party flow outside and inside so everyone was comfortable. 

I went for a baseball “theme”, but didn’t get many pictures of the actual decor. Honestly, I’ve decided that I’m not good at kid parties, and I was way more interested in spending the day with the people I love most. 🙂 

The one thing that threw a wrench in the plans was that Isaiah missed his morning nap that day, and by the time the party was really going, he was exhausted. There’s a picture of him almost asleep while eating his cupcake! Poor little guy. 🙂 

Overall, it was a sweet time! My in-laws were gracious enough to host (because we’re currently homeless), and it all went off without any issues!

Thanks to everyone who came and loved on our baby! First party in the books. Here’s hoping they’re all this easy to throw together in the future. 😉 

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