Join The Mama Collective


Here are some thoughts that used to regularly cross my mind:

-I can’t manage being an excellent employee and a great mom. It’s too exhausting trying to do both.

-After I have given everything to everyone else all day, I am a horrible wife.

-My friends don’t even know what’s going on with me all day, because I don’t call them or text them back. 

-The toll pregnancy and child birth took on my body makes it really hard for me to have a positive body image.

-Becoming a mom/keeping my job has made all of the daily tasks of cleaning/laundry/home maintenance impossible to keep up with.

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? I used to constantly battle a flood of negative thoughts about what my life was like now that I had to maintain a career, a healthy marriage, friendships, and learn how to be a good mom! Ahh! It’s even overwhelming to list it all out.

BUT, when we learned that we were expecting baby #2, I knew that I would drown in that negativity flood if I didn’t buckle down and learn how to think and live differently.

The Mama Collective Membership will provide the answers you need to stop going through the motions of young motherhood, and start thriving in it.


The Mama Collective will be enrolling new members Spring, 2017.