Working Mom Guilt: The Lie we Tell Ourselves

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings in our house. Isaiah woke up very cranky, very clingy, and way too early. Typically, he sleeps until I’m about ready for work. If he wakes up a few minutes early, he can normally entertain himself in his crib until I pick him up. But not this time. I … Continue reading Working Mom Guilt: The Lie we Tell Ourselves

Happy First Birthday, Isaiah!

My baby is one. Whew, even typing that makes me teary-eyed. I have been an emotional wreck this week. I think a big part of it is knowing that this will be Isaiah’s only birthday as our only baby. And that makes me feel really guilty. Josephine will probably get the short end of the … Continue reading Happy First Birthday, Isaiah!

Marriage is Hard and Life is Busy

Usually I try to create content on The Mama Collective that presents an issue I have faced, and a collection of ideas on how to deal with that issue (based on what I’ve learned). I don’t have that for you all today. I have more of a personal revelation to share, instead. Do you ever … Continue reading Marriage is Hard and Life is Busy

My New Mom Must-Haves

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which may mean that I receive a commission if you click on a link and purchase something. For more information, please read the Mama Collective Privacy Policy. I have been pregnant for basically two years straight. No joke. I wouldn't necessarily call myself an expert on the must-have items for new mamas, … Continue reading My New Mom Must-Haves