When the 2nd Baby Makes you Sad

Baby J is here! She's beautiful, healthy (aside from a little weight gain issue), and the sweetest, calmest little baby I've ever seen. I felt a very raw, natural connection to her as soon as I had her. Maybe it was because I had her naturally (not my choice, and a story for another time), [...]

Intentional Momming (Part 1): Technology & Social Media

Do you ever find yourself staring at your phone mindlessly? Scrolling through social media posts, with no real end goal in mind? Do you look at your phone for so long that you start to realize that you're not even enjoying it, and nothing you're reading is important? Or maybe it was important the first [...]

Working Mom Guilt: The Lie we Tell Ourselves

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings in our house. Isaiah woke up very cranky, very clingy, and way too early. Typically, he sleeps until I’m about ready for work. If he wakes up a few minutes early, he can normally entertain himself in his crib until I pick him up. But not this time. I [...]

Isaiah’s Birthday Party! 

This past Saturday was Isaiah's first birthday party! The weather was beautiful, and we were able to let the party flow outside and inside so everyone was comfortable.  I went for a baseball "theme", but didn't get many pictures of the actual decor. Honestly, I've decided that I'm not good at kid parties, and I [...]

The Minimalist Shopaholic

It’s clear by now that I’m a big fan of the minimal lifestyle. I fundamentally believe that owning less makes cleaning/organizing less of a chore, which can make life happy. Additionally, having less to maintain and keep up with forces you to be intentional about what you own. Minimalism causes you to create an environment [...]